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About us

Luis Burillo Minerales

We are a team directed by Luis Miguel F. Burillo. Our aim is to provide high quality minerals for people who are interested in the mineral world, from unexperienced beginner collectors, to museums and the most demanding collectors.

We have 26 years of experience in searching, purchasing and preparing mineral specimens.

We attend and participate in the most important national and international exhibitions such as: Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, Mineralientage München, Euro Mineral Sainte Marie aux Mines, Expominer Barcelona, Expominerales Escuela de Minas de Madrid, as well as other shows.

From this page, with no need to travel, all of these shows are within your reach.

Our trademark is our determined promise to offer the best minerals at the best price.

With this goal in mind, we travel to the origin site of many minerals. We have purchased minerals in Rumania, re-opened mines in Peru, and periodically travelled to China to select the highest quality minerals from many areas there. We constantly maintain and promote trade with our contacts, who regularly provide us with select mineral specimens.

Our knowledge, expertise, and dedicated work, allow us to understand the likes and desires of mineral lovers, and help us to provide them with mineral specimens that fulfill their interests.

In addition to obtaining good minerals, but sometimes we must clean and trim them as each piece requires. We believe that visual perfection and aesthetics is desired and appreciated by most mineral collectors. In our work shop, we use the most modern equipment and techniques to restore each mineral specimen to its maximum expression of beauty.

We have an ample and well-stocked warehouse in order to offer you classic minerals from the latest discoveries in our mines, as well as our choice selections from different exhibitions and origins.

We hope to satisfy your collecting interests with the minerals specimens we offer on our web site. We strive to present an accessible, reliable, and modern design on this webpage, while providing a constant supply of the highest quality mineral specimens.